Rhythmic Gymnastics

We’re proud to support the GB Rhythmic Gymnastic Team, who had almost no funding until we came along. 

Prior to the London 2012 Olympics, the GB Rhythmic Gymnastics team were at the point where the competitors and their parents faced the real possibility that they would have to re-mortgage their houses, just to fund the team’s existence. Dream It Believe It Achieve It was able to relieve their financial worries to a great enough extent to allow them to concentrate on their sport and compete in London and beyond.

Because we feel that all sports – disabled and non-disabled – should be equal, we support an increasing number of un-funded or poorly funded able-bodied sports. What all of these athletes have in common, however, is a commitment to helping further their sport and make it accessible to all sectors of the community, and all types of people.

Rhythmic Gymnastics has been an Olympic sport since 1984, and is performed mostly by women. It is a discipline of gymnastics that combines the grace, coordination, agility and artistry.  of dance with the acrobatic skill of gymnastics. Some have described it as ‘Poetry in Motion’. Rhythmic gymnastics requires each gymnast in the team to perform incredibly precise movements using hand apparatus.

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