Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it | Lottery Winner

Mary Page, retired, won a jackpot prize of £20,000. She bought a £10 Pin and Win scratch card at her local Sainsbury’s Supermarket.

She was approached by a well-spoken, polite and enthusiastic representative who explained what Dream It Believe It Achieve It was about, and how she could help by buying a scratch card. Mary said she was ‘over the moon’ after winning the prize ‘things like this never happen to me!’. She has decided to take her three sons and grandchildren on holiday. Together with her husband Andrew, Mary is going to make some improvements to her house and garden, and she has also kindly donated some of her winnings back to Dream It Believe It Achieve It.

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it | Lottery Winner

Horley resident Joy Ford was the lucky player who won £20,000 after her Scratch and Support Card was drawn as the second Dream It Believe It Achieve It prize winner.

We caught up with Joy at the St Pancreas Station Champagne Bar in London. Joy was ‘Gobsmacked’ after winning, and was ‘feeling wonderful’ as she showed off her winning cheque. “This just isn’t something that you imagine will happen to you” said Joy. “I have to keep pinching myself to realise that its true. It is such a surprise, but a lovely surprise nonetheless!” “We have been through so much as a family in recent years, so this will definitely be used for myself, my husband and my daughter to enjoy ourselves.”