Banner Image: Lee Pearson CBE, Great Britain’s most successful para-equestrian rider.
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to achieve, we must not only
act but also dream, not only
plan, but also believe


Dream It Believe It Achieve It Ambassadors help us to spread our message – that sport is accessible to all – to a wide audience.

We recognise that we don’t need to preach to the converted. There are many able-bodied and disabled people actively competing and campaigning to participate in sport. But we want to spread the message that sport can be and should be accessible to everyone to as many disabled and able-bodied people as possible.

This will help us to achieve our aim of giving disabled sport an equal profile with able-bodied sport.

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  • Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it | Ambassador, Dan Hopwood

    Dan Hopwood

    Dan Hopwood is a phenomenally successful paracanoeist.

    In 2013, Dan won bronze in the Paracanoe World Championships in Germany, and silver in the Paracanoe European Championships in Portugal. Dan made the GB team for the World Championships in Hungary in 2011, and won bronze in the TA (Trunk/Arms) class. In 2012, Dan won gold in the A class (Arms only paddlers) at the World Championships.

    Dan was paralysed in a motorcycle accident in 2002, and is completely paralysed from the chest down. In 2005 Dan joined a disability canoe programme at Trentham Canoe Club. He was part of a six-person team who won a gold medal at the International Va’a Federation World Championships in New Zealand. In 2007, he completed a 2350-mile paddle down the Mississippi River and in 2008 he canoed over 550 miles on the Rhine River.

    Dan is proud to be an ambassador for Dream It Believe It Achieve It. In promoting disabled sport, he believes that there are places out there for disabled athletes at all levels. Now that Paracanoeing has been accepted as a Paralympic discipline for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, there is no stopping his ambition and desire to be part of the GB Paracanoeing team.

    “Dream It Believe It Achieve It helps people achieve their aspirations, they have helped me considerably. I hope to repay their trust in me, and hope to do some fund-raising challenges for them in the future”.

  • Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it | Ambassador, Chemmy Alcott

    Chemmy Alcott

    Chemmy Alcott is a determined and courageous woman. She is an extremely gifted skier who has fought back from adversity more than once to get to the top of her sport.

    She has been the number one British skier for a record seven years, and is the highest ranked female British skier ever. Not only does Chemmy have to concentrate on her recovery and her fitness, but until she met Dream It Believe It Achieve It she had to fund everything herself (with the help from a few great sponsors she found) – from training and competition expenses, to her medical expenses, which for a sport such as skiing can be a daunting task.

    Chemmy started competing in skiing at the age of eight, but at 11 she had to recover from a broken neck before becoming part of the GB Olympic Ski team in her teenage years. Despite fighting a chronic bone condition in her feet, she managed to gain 11th place in the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006 – the highest result by a British female skier since 1968. In 2010, Chemmy shattered her leg during practice for the World Cup Downhill race. Dream It Believe It Achieve It is helping her to achieve her goal of reaching the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, by helping to fund her travel and equipment to get her back to fitness and peak condition to compete. Chemmy’s passion for her sport and determination to succeed is inspiring to many, including to Dream It Believe It Achieve It.

    As Chemmy says: “the support of DBA means that I can focus on being the world class athlete I need to be in order to achieve a PB – with their support I won’t have to cut corners – I can train, eat, rest and train like the pro that I always believe I am”.

  • Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it | Ambassador, Anna Turney

    Anna Turney

    Anna is one of the most inspiring women we have ever met. “I don’t do defeat” is one of her mottos.

    In 2006, she broke her back snowboarding, and yet, determined not to be overcome by this pushed herself to become a Paralympic Ski Racer. Anna achieved sixth place in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics, and hope to win a gold medal in 2014 in the Sochi Paralympics.

    Anna has to draw upon her determination in every respect, because all her competition, training and travel expenses have to be funded by herself – but Dream It Believe It Achieve It are helping to ease this pressure – we plan to buy her a top-of-the-range monoski, and help with her travel, ski coaching, equipment and many other expenses.

    Anna is determined to spread her inspirational courage and determination to others, and as a Dream It Believe It Achieve It ambassador is planning to inspire young people and disabled people to take up and enjoy the sport that she loves. As Anna says “Think Positive and Great Things Happen!”